Why and how to maintain indoor air quality

The ducts installed in our homes and offices to maintain airflow through the heating and cooling system can sometimes become the pathway as well as the sources for dust, dirt and biological containment particles to spread in your homes. In these cases getting your ducts cleaned to get rid of any dirt, mold or slimes is much more important than you realize. While some argue, that getting your ducts cleaned doesn’t significantly improve the dust level in your homes, it is never a bad idea to walk on the safer side and get it dusted once in a while.

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Online duct cleaning services:

With the growing popularity of online businesses, many companies and organizations are pushing their business into the world of web. The ease and convenience for customers have significantly improved due to the online websites providing all kind of professional help and services. You can now request air duct cleaning services online, where a professional team of experts is sent to your registered location and get the work done for you. With the growing accessibility of the internet, online businesses have grown immensely making it a preferable option.

air duct cleaning services

Signs you should get your ducts cleaned:

While it is important to get the vents cleaned on a regular basis, you can keep an eye out for certain signs that can help you know if your ducts need to be cleaned.

  • The air filter has not been changed for months.
  • The vent covers have a visible layer of dirt.
  • Inconsistent airflow across the rooms
  • Noises in your ducts.

Dirty ducts can cause some symptoms similar to sore throat, sneezing, coughing and allergic reactions. To avoid any such inconvenience it is recommended to request air duct cleaning services once in a while.

air duct cleaning services

How to maintain quality air indoors?

By following some simple steps you can ensure better air quality inside your homes and prevent any kind of allergic reactions causing respiratory issues due to dust or any other contaminants. Some of the simple ways that can help you breathe in cleaner air are:

  1. Vacuum on a regular basis: Carpets and mats usually have allergens trapped; to get rid of these particles vacuuming weekly at least twice is recommended. The filter used should be able to catch microscopic particles, so that maximum particles can be dealt with.
  2. Taking shoes off outside: Shoes are the main source of mud, dust, other debris along with harmful pesticides that enter from the outside world into your homes. It not only causes allergic reactions, it even fouls up the air quality therefore shoe rack outside your home is highly recommended.
  3. Control humidity: Damp and humid environment is the most preferable for any kind of microbes to grow. The heat helps them spread and infect your homes. It also causes airborne viruses to spread inside your homes causing viral infections.
  4. Keep a check on your furniture: Furniture made up of varnishes and lacquer, can give off harmful chemicals especially when bought new. To avoid this, it is advised to store newly brought furniture in the garage house for a few days before bringing them inside.