Have a closer look at Endy vs Casper Mattresses (2019 Updated)

endy vs casper

Endy Mattress

  • Cover – Made of a knit polyester fabric, the Endy cover is soft and breathable. It’s also removable, so can be thrown in the wash with the rest of your bedding!
  • Comfort – The comfort layer is comprised of the brand’s proprietary Endy Foam, open-cell memory foam that has a fairly slow response to pressure. On top of the structure provide some cozy comfort to the sleeper as soon as they stretch out on the bed. It means that the open-cell design also helps to mitigate some of the worst overheating tendencies of memory foam.
  • Transition – Next up, you’ll find a layer of poly foam. Firmer than the material above it, this section helps to transition the sleeper from the gentle comfort layer into the firmer base below. It also helps to counteract some of the sinkage of the top layer, preventing that stuck-in-the-bed feeling.
  • Base – Rounding out the construction is a foundational layer of high-density poly foam, which gives the bed its durability and shape.

endy vs casper

Casper Mattress

  • Cover – Crafted of a soft polyester blend, the cover is also removable by zipper, so can easily be washed as with the Endy.
  • Comfort – The comfort layer is constructed of latex-like foam, so gives the bed some immediate bounce. Though this section has a quick response to pressure, it also allows for some nice sinkage for pressure relief. Like latex, this foam is also great at cooling, so should help regulate temperatures through the night.
  • Contour – Below the comfort layer, you’ll land on a section of memory foam. Unlike the material above it, this foam has a slower response to pressure, resulting in some deep body-contouring and pressure relief.
  • Transition – The third layer down is where you’ll find a transition layer of Zoned Support. This is the most clear structure variation from the Endy and provides the Casper with some really nice, targeted comfort. This section is built with two types of strong poly foam: the softer at the top and the firmer in the center. This position is meant to bring some lift to the hips and cushiony relief to the shoulders.
  • Base – The base of the bed is made up of heavy-duty poly foam and gives the mattress its structure.

The Final Word

endy vs casper

For starts, the Endy features just three layers of foam (10” profile) compared to the Casper’s four-layer design (12” profile). As mentioned above, this section is broken down into two different types of foam, tailored as it is to offer gentle pressure relief lowers the shoulders and firm lift at the hips. After comparing Endy vs Casper mattresses, the Casper really goes the extra mile in terms of comfort when compared to the Endy.

Though both beds feature memory foam, Casper’s placement of its memory foam layer below latex helps to draw the body-contouring further into the structure. Endy flips this and throws memory foam atop its firmer layer, curbing the sinkage. When it comes to Endy vs Casper, Casper is slightly better mattress for side sleepers and Endy a slightly better one for combo sleepers.