10 Tips To Sell Your Condo

Here are 10 tips that will help you speed up your sale.

1. Set the right price right from the start is an important element. An overvalued starting price will discourage buyers who will not ask you to visit. Check the prices of your current neighborhood properties for sale as well as the prices of comparable properties sold in the last 6 months. This will help you to establish the right price and even a competitive price compared to other properties for sale in your area.

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3. Flood the market. The idea is to reach as many buyers as possible. Showing yourself on one website is not enough. Not all buyers are on the same site, so you should place your ad on as many websites as possible. Also use social media to make sure everyone knows you’re selling.

4. Write your ads with popular text that outlines the benefits of your property. The attention and interest of buyers for a property being generated by the photos be sure to include photos to your ads. Without a photo, no buyer will be interested in your condo. In addition, your photos must be clear and bright and especially highlight your property.

5. A free tour and a “FOR SALE” sign can increase the visibility of your property to potential buyers. If you select for a free visit do not forget to advertise it on the Internet. Most sites specializing in real estate offers you this option with posting in a section reserved for free visits.

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6. Since the important thing is to be seen, the ideal is to keep your aid at the top of the list to be seen by as many buyers as possible. On all aid sites, your property will glide quietly to the last pages of search results, reducing your visibility. Many websites offer a ” send-up ” option that allows you to keep your ad at the top of the list for more visibility. You can aid on website like condos for sale north york.

7. The first impression makes all the difference. A neat and clean exterior encourages people to request a visit. Inside, de-clutter by refining the decor and removing all personal items such as family photos. Visitors must be able to imagine living at home. Do the housework and leave the pets outside … some visitors might appreciate them less than you.

8. Most buyers are looking for a well-lit home or condo. So open the curtains and turn on all the lights, even those in the closets and basement. If essential, add lighting to make the place look brighter.

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9. During a visit, stay away while remaining available to answer any questions from visitors. Store all valuables and let visitors visit at their own rate. They will be freer to share their impressions and comment on the property.

10. Prepare your documents in advance to be able to give a copy to potential buyers. Certificate of location, renovation bills, declaration of co-ownership, electricity and other charges will be required if visitors have an interest in your property.